Junior League of Omaha 1919 - 1940s

1919 The Junior League of Omaha was granted Junior League status in 1919, becoming the 26th League created in the United States. The 68 charter-member League was led by founders Harriet Smith Whiting, Rachel Kincade Gallagher and Elizabeth Davis. The League’s first activity was to provide volunteers for the Visiting Nurses Association, the University of Nebraska Hospital dispensary, the Salvation Army and other charitable organizations.
1922 The Junior League of Omaha “Baby Station” was established. The station was managed by the Visiting Nurses Association and financed by the Junior League of Omaha.
The League also adopted the "Day Nursery" from Women's Service League. The League operated the nursery for more than 20 years before turning the nursery over to the Community Chest ($51,324).
1920s-1930s The League participated in the formation of the Community Chest. It also purchased a new home for the Day Nursery and sponsored stage productions and money-raising revenues.
1933 Took over Children's Theater from the Omaha Community Playhouse and annually produced a play with League members as the cast.
1935-1940s Produced follies-style shows, horse and dog shows and held rummage sales. The League initiated a radio program called "Answer Please."
1944 The League held a golf exhibition and organized a telethon to raise funds for Children's Memorial Hospital and presented $1,000 war bond to the fund.
1946 Began a volunteer association with the Joslyn Art Museum
1947 Assumed operation of "The Jumble Shop of the Junior League" from the Nebraska Society of Colonial Dames.
1948 Opened a hospitality shop at Children's Memorial Hospital. The League turned the shop over to the Friends of Children's Hospital in 1956 ($16,500).