Junior League of Omaha 1960s

1960 Co-sponsored Omaha Hearing School with financial assistance for a four-year period ($16,000).
1961 Purchased two films, "Dangerous Stranger" and "Name Unknown," aimed at the prevention of crimes against children. After being televised, these films were donated to the Omaha Police Department.
The League co-sponsored the Omaha Charity Horse Show for two years.
1963 Co-sponsored Haven Academy, a school for emotionally disturbed children, as a four-year project ($20,000).
The League membership voted to give financial assistance ($7,500) toward the construction of a children's zoo.
Co-sponsored the Legal Aid Society as a three-year project with the Omaha Bar Association and UCS ($14,500).
The League purchased a film on mentally handicapped children titled, "The Innocents" for television viewing and then donated it to the Film Library.
1965 The League televised a Christmas puppet show.
1966 After a 30-year interim, the League produced a Cabaret, netting $17,000
The League contributed $10,000 toward the Fontenelle Forest Association (over a three-year period) for program expansion and to hire a full-time Nature Center director.
The Provisional class researched and produced, "The Proud Man's Land," a film about the Omaha Indians, in cooperation with KMTV.
1967 The League introduced a live puppet show, "A Team for Safety," which was trouped to Omaha schools and won the Omaha Public Power District Safety Award for the year.
1968 Provided the funds to help establish "Crisis Intervention, Inc.," as sanctioned by the Eastern Nebraska Mental Health Association.
Began Newborn Hearing Screening Bureau's "Focus-1968—Facing a Changing Omaha," an educational conference.
1969 The League’s 50th Anniversary year.
Sponsored an international indoor tennis tournament and netted $19,491.
Pledged $40,000 for physical improvement of the Nature Center at Fontenelle Forest.
Sponsored "Mary Cassatt and the Impressionists" exhibit at the Joslyn Art Museum with a $9,000 grant.
Provided $1,500 to the youth phase of a three-part Volunteer Training Program at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.