Junior League of Omaha 1980s

1980 Completed and implemented an organizational self-assessment.
Selected as Outstanding Volunteer Group of the Year by the Volunteer Bureau.
Formed the Junior Leagues of Nebraska State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC).
The League pledged $6,100 for a three-year project to the Children's Museum, allocated $8,920 for one year to the Crisis Center Project, provided $3,000 to "That's Wintertainment" for a period of three years and approved funds of $26,477.20 over a two-year period for VIE.
Adopted three position statements: (1) to support the theory that sound energy conservation measures could ease the energy crisis; (2) to support the utilization of older volunteers (55 years of age and older) within League projects and within our community; (3) to support the development and operation of programs and services that promote the improvement of the quality of life for women in Omaha.
1981 Agreed to organize the structure of an Omaha Community Foundation at the request of the Peter Kiewit Foundation.
Adopted position statements on the arts and child advocacy.
Printed a separate Annual Report of the Junior League of Omaha for 1980-81 containing the financial statements and accomplishments.
Approved funds of $20,543 over a period of two years (1981-83) for the Children's Crisis Center.
Conducted a community fund solicitation and produced a follies show, "River City Razzmatazz", which netted $170,000 for the Community Trust Fund.
Netted more than $100,000 at the League’s thrift store, Jumble Shop, for the first time.
1982 Approved new projects for Children's Crisis Center, the Omaha Children's Museum and Y.W.C.A. Career Development.
Approved community activities for the Douglas County Historical Society, Legal Aid Society and Emmy Gifford Children's Theater.
Adopted position statements on domestic violence and the elderly.
Approved position statements through SPAC on voluntarism, women, children and arts and historic preservation.
Trained League Grantsmen who raised $310,000 for League projects and related activities.
Established the Omaha Community Foundation in collaboration with the Kiewit Foundation and Omaha community leaders.
Produced a new public relations slide/tape show on the history and accomplishments of the Junior League of Omaha.
Selected as Volunteer of the Year by the Volunteer Bureau for being the Project Chairman of Children's Crisis Center.
1983 Published a League cookbook titled "Amber Waves."
Developed a career-counseling project in conjunction with the YWCA entitled "Future Directions."
Instigated the Ident-a-Kid/Omaha and fingerprinted more than 5,000 children from March 1983 through May 1983.
Co-sponsored a Gubernatorial Forum addressing social issues.
Donated $10,000 to the Omaha Community Foundation.
Organized a Community Arts Forum to discuss funding.
Produced a brochure on historic Omaha.
Approved new projects for Omnibus Omaha, Get Set, and Octopuff in Kumquat.
Received the Quality of Life award from Omaha Life Underwriters.
1984 Co-sponsored a Forum on Youth Services Commission, a public relations seminar, two arts forums and a Volunteer Week Rally.
Organized and publicized the "Chemical People" programs and assisted with community task force formation.
Initiated the concept "Technical Team" to serve JLO committees and community agencies in areas of expertise.
Approved projects for "One Night Only," SWEAT Equity, ECHO, Speaking for Children, Volunteer Management, and Neale Woods Nature Center.
Approved two new position statements on education and voluntarism.
Received the Mayor's Partnership Award for Ident-a-Kid/Omaha.
Hosted the Henry Rosso's Fund Raising School and half-day seminar by Mr. Rosso for Junior League of Omaha members and several Area IV Leagues
1985 Co-sponsored a Children at Risk Conference with the Advocacy Office for Children and Youth.
Prepared legislation for establishing a Children's Trust Fund in Nebraska.
Applied for and was approved as a replication site for the Teen Outreach program.
Collaborated with Hallmark Cards, Inc., to cosponsor with the Children's Museum, the Kaleidoscope exhibit.
Approved $53,000.00 for 10 new projects as follows: Radio Talking Book, Child Saving Institute, ECHO, Bubbylonian Encounter, Women's Shelter, Omaha Hospice, Octopuff in Kumquat, Teen Outreach, Emmy Gifford Children's Theater and the Arthritis Foundation Play.
Accepted awards of recognition from YWCA, United Way of the Midlands, Omaha Bar Association Public Service Award for 1985 and the Omaha Children's Museum.
Sponsored a public relations seminar with KMTV.
Assisted in the merger of the Children's Crisis Center, PAL and Child Saving Institute.
Received an AJL award in public relations for the Omnibus Omaha public service announcement.
Printed 11,000 Education for Parenting booklets with the assistance of the Child Abuse Council of Nebraska.
1986 Approved $112,810 over a three-year period for 12 new projects: Omaha Ballet, Community Playhouse (ACCT Fest), Food Bank, Significant Interiors Survey PRIDE Omaha, Nebraska Teacher Recognition Day, Omaha Hospice Organization, Omnibus Nebraska, "One Night Only," Radio Talking Book, United Catholic Social Services - Women's Shelter/HOPE and Teen Outreach Addendum.
Conducted a seminar on publications, which was attended by seventeen Area IV Leagues.
Presented the first two speakers for "One Night Only": Dr. Henry Kissinger and Jane Bryant Quinn.
Implemented the new AJL Bylaw, which prohibits meeting in places, which discriminate.
Established fund-raising guidelines and asset acquisition guidelines.
Accepted a Kiewit Grant to expand the Teen Outreach Project.
Conducted Community Training seminars in the area of boardsmanship, fund-raising, marketing, public relations, publications and volunteer management; more than 200 individuals and agencies benefited.
Established Omnibus Nebraska; cosponsored Omnibus Institute.
Advocated successfully for the passage of the Children's Trust Fund Legislation in coalition with other organizations.
Accepted the AJL Public Relations 3rd Place Award for the 1985 Annual Report.
1987 Approved $90,158 over a two-year period for eight new projects: Omaha Food Bank, Omaha History Museum, Omaha Homeless Project, Project Plus Literacy Project, Significant Interiors Survey, UNMC Healthy Heart Life-style, Shelter/H.O.P.E. (addendum Healthy life-styles curriculum project.)
Hosted the AJL Area IV Presidents' Meeting in Omaha.
Accepted awards of recognition from the Nebraska Association for the Gifted, the Omaha Education Association, the Food Bank and PRIDE.
Recommended guidelines for a Community Assistance Fund to grant funds without volunteers for a two-year trial period.
Recommended a two-year pilot program for Jumble Shop paid shifts.
Established and developed criteria for the Sustainer Volunteer Hall of Fame and inducted the first five members.
Presented two speakers for "One Night Only": Louis Rukeyser and Beverly Sills.
Held the first Cookbook Fair in AJL history, by selling cookbooks from around the country to the membership at discounted prices.
Created an ad-hoc committee to study the long term planning of the League structure.
Approved an addition of $1,000 to the Projects Council budget for the creation of a Projects Council Discretionary Fund.
1988 Approved $53,356 over a two-year period for five new projects and two addendums: history Spots, Life-style, Omaha History Museum (addendum), Omaha Homeless, Police Video Training, Project Plus (addendum), Red Cross/Caring For Kids.
Granted Community Assistance Funding to Community Alliance, Inc., Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Midlands, UNMC Respite Care Program; Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting Consortium of the Midlands, Inc. and the Crisis Line.
Received plaques or certificates of appreciation from the Food Bank, Lion's Eye Bank, Omnibus/Nebraska, Radio Talking Book and on behalf of Project Homeless: the Judges' Award from the Volunteer Bureau and the Spirit of Service Award from the National Council of Christians and Jews.
Cosponsored the Early Childhood Development Education Conference.
Assisted the Omaha Ballet Guild with planning and implementing three special events: "Ballet Up to the Barre," "Nutcracker Tea," and the Guild Annual Meeting.
Presented a program to the Nebraska State Teachers Convention regarding the Omaha History Youth Project, including a bus tour of historic Omaha.
Worked with the Junior League of St. Paul to have copyright rights granted to Omnibus/Nebraska.
Presented Project PLUS to the National Commission on Adult Basic Education in Seattle, Washington.
Researched, documented, and photographed the following significant interiors: Trinity Cathedral, King Fong's Cafe, Omaha Woman's Club Residence, Douglas County Courthouse, and Central High School.
Reached 42,890 children through the University of Nebraska Medical Center/Heart Health Life-styles curriculum project.
1989 Approved $22,890 over a two-year period for eight new projects: Focus on Our Tomorrows, Woman to Woman, Reminiscences, Time to Talk, Partners, Latchkey, Victim Witness and Lifesight.
Granted Community Assistance funding to the Omaha Hearing School, Westside Special Education, Intergenerational Orchestra, Youth Emergency Services and the Visiting Nurses Association.
Cosponsored a Breast Cancer Symposium featuring Ann Jillian with the American Cancer Society and Clarkson Hospital.
Formed a Task Force to complete a feasibility study to procure the Joslyn Castle, which was submitted to the membership and defeated.
Published IMPACT, a quarterly magazine distributed to the membership and the community.
Participated in the conception of the Mutual of Omaha's Nebraska Pro-Am Golf Tournament.
Celebrated the $1,000,000 Sale at the Jumble Shop.
Sponsored a regional Homeless Conference to address long-range plans for the homeless population.
Conducted a Lifesight Conference for professionals concerned with the elderly.