Junior League of Omaha 1990s

1990 Approved $40,574 for Arts for the Handicapped, Center Stage Audience Development, Girls' Club Addendum, Operation Role Model, Partnership in Caring - NE AIDS Project, Project Self-Reliance, Wellspring, Woman to Woman Projects.
Granted Community Assistance funding to Charles Drew Health Center, Millard Good Samaritan Center, Holy Family Church, Franciscan Adult Day Care Center, Urban League of NE Sienna Francis House, Habitat for Humanity, Omaha Braille Services and dispersed volunteers to community via the Seasonal Calendar project.
Established an annual fund/endowment.
Co-sponsored Meredith Hallowell speech for Woman to Woman with United Way.
Co-sponsored "Early Childhood Care and Education" luncheon.
Co-sponsored a conference on eating disorders with Creighton University.
Concluded “Amber Waves” cookbook with a Party Tour and sales to a remaindering firm.
Received awards from Metro Arts, Omaha Community Playhouse, American Red Cross and Society to Prevent Blindness.
Sponsored speaker Cecilia Willis of National Council on Alcohol through Woman to Woman.
Trained 600 child care providers through Red Cross Safecare for Kids.
Provided 500 hours of volunteer assistance to victims or witnesses of crime through Victim/Witness.
1991 Approved the following projects: Wellspring $3,455, Nebraska AIDS Project Partnership in Caring $925, Project Self-Reliance $3,800, Center Stage Audience Development $3,200, Woman to Woman/C.A.R.E. for Kids $18,300, Habitat for Humanity $3,100 and Joslyn Castle Visited $4,225.
Granted Omaha Police Department $1,000, Meyer Rehabilitation Hattie B. Munroe $925, Social Settlement $1,000, Senior Health Foundation $1,000, Children's Transplant Association Potter House $1,000, Oncology Nursing Society $942.30, Lao-Hmong Association $993.91, Stephen Center $994.10, National Kidney Foundation $532.22, Girl Scouts $600, Nebraska Center for Book $1,000 through Community Assistance Fund.
Held media breakfast with Dr. Elizabeth Karnes for Woman to Woman Media Kickoff.
Participated in March Against Racism.
Participated in UN Rights of the Child Vigil.
Adopted Paperworks, stationery/gift retailing, a Gourmet fund-raiser, and fund-raising obligation bylaw to begin 1991-92.
Sponsored national fund-raising School.
Agreed to co-sponsor Volunteer 2000 in 1991.
Initiated involvement in media violence conference to be held in the fall of 1991.
Participated in AJLI prevent to promote childhood immunizations.
Co-sponsored a speaker on women's health issues with Creighton University.
Adopted a Council Management System to begin 1991-92.
1992 Hosted an issue session on women's organizations for the Greater Omaha Women's Fund.
Compiled a 72-year history of commitments of volunteer time and money in the areas of women and children, historic preservation and voluntarism.
Approved co-sponsorship of Creighton's Women and Health Conference 1992.
Approved the adoption of an Open Placement Fair.
Received the BMW Corporation Community Impact National Merit Award for Wellspring project.
Approved the following community projects for 1992-93: Operation Smart with Girls Inc. for 2 years, Partnership In Caring with Nebraska AIDS Project for 2 years, Ready By Six for 2 years, Uta Halee Girls Village for 3 years, Wellspring for 1 year and Joslyn Castle addendum for 1 year.
Recommended the revised Market Days for membership approval and event in the spring of 1993.
Approved a 5-year commitment to the Junior League of Omaha Scholarship Fund.
Approved the Community Assistance Fund grants for $9,609.79 to Landon Court, Salvation Army, New Cassel, Society for the Prevention of Blindness, Nebraska Urban Indian Wellness, University of Nebraska Television, Epilepsy Foundation, Creche Child Care, Health Fair of the Midlands, Nature Conservancy and Presbyterian Methodist Ministries.
Cosponsored the Red Cross Volunteer 2000 Conference in October.
Implemented the initial year of the Council System.
Committed more than $57,000 and more than 3,500 volunteer hours in 1991-92.
Facilitated the opening and promotions of Paperworks fund-raiser, which netted more thanr $8,562 in 1991-92.
Operated the Jumble Shop, a thrift shop in Benson, which netted more than $58,559 in 1991-92.
1993 Approved restructuring Community Advisory Board to group advisors by category to include Business/Civic, Children and Family, Community Foundation/ Grantsmanship, Education, Marketing/Public Relations, Focus Areas, Media, Immediate Past President.
Received the Service Club of the Year Award at the River City Roundup Breakfast.
Held Lancer Hockey mini-fund-raiser.
Launched a new major fund-raiser, Market Days.
Approved the following projects: Ninos en Accion $5,150, Race Against Breast Cancer $2,000 and Literacy Project $843 for 1993-94.
Granted two $500 scholarships for high school seniors on the basis of their volunteer work.
Granted $4,000 to the American Red Cross, Child Saving Institute, Emergency Pregnancy Service, Omaha Area Youth Orchestra, and the YMCA through the Community Assistance Fund.
Received the Jonathan C. Goldsmith Caregiver award from the Nebraska AIDS Interfaith Network.
Co-sponsor of Childhood Immunization Task Force.
Developed Parent Resource Directory and expanded collaboration with Omaha 2000's Goal I Task Force.
Co-sponsored Creighton's Women and Health Lectures.
Co-sponsored National Coalition for Children Summit with the National Academy of Pediatricians. Conducted "Homecoming" at the March general meeting for former members.
1994 Celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Junior League of Omaha through special events, articles in “JLO THIS MONTH,” special guest speakers, historical presentations at general meetings, sale of 75th Anniversary sweatshirts, production of "Video History of the League," appearances on local TV stations, Community Open House and a City of Omaha Proclamation by Mayor Morgan.
Approved the relocation of the Jumble Shop to 3038 North 90 Street.
Approved the relocation of Headquarters to 610 North 108 Street.
Received visit from AJLI President, Mary Babson, to speak at the February general meeting in honor of the League's 75th Anniversary. Mayor Morgan presented President Babson with a key to the city.
Received the Angel Award form Girls Incorporated.
Approved and signed contract agreement with Susan B. Komen Foundation for Race for the Cure.
Approved the following projects: 1994-95 Healthy Kids-Ready by Six $2,480 and 1995-96 Race for the Cure $5,000.
Co-sponsored Creighton University's "Women and Health Lecture" featuring Byllye Yvonne Avery, National Black Women's Health Project Founding President.
Approved Community Assistance Fund grants: Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts $1,000, Children's Respite Care Center $1,000, La Plaza Community Health Center $1,000 and Project Hope $1,000.
1995 Approved the American Girl Fashion Show as a fund-raiser for two additional years – through 1998.
Revised and distributed updated Nebraska Foundation Directory.
Approved League sponsorship of the “It's Us” photography diversity exhibit for display in September 1996.
Approved the following projects: Christmas in April - Omaha: 1996-97 $3,350 and 6 placements, Christmas in April – Omaha 1997-98 $2,550 and 6 placements, Omaha 2000 - Early Childhood Education: 1996-97 $475 and 8 placements, Cure 2000 - Leukemia Society of America: 1996-97 $1,050 and 3 placements, Listening Link and Race for the Cure are returning projects.
Approved establishment of Junior League of Omaha Foundation, Inc. Authorized transfer of up to $25,000 to the Foundation following the 1995-1996 audit.
Spoke to representatives from more than 30 agencies at Community Forum.
1996 Brought Time Warner "It's Us" exhibit to the W. Dale Clarke Library for a month exhibition.
Hosted a Town Hall meeting for the State Department of Education to discuss State Standards in Public Education.
Approved the following projects: Hospice House 1997-1998 $2,000 and 5 placements, Hospice House 1998-1999 $5,000 and 20 placements, Read With Me 1997-2000 $5,000 and 20 placements each year.
Approved insurance proposal from Johnston Insurance. Approved Board of Directors Liability Insurance to be continued through Redland.
Approved the following organizations receive Community Assistance Funds: Child Connect $1,000, Madonna School $695, Parent Assistance Line $1,000, Children Respite Care $1,000 and Easter Seals $1,000.
Represented the League at the Easter Seals Telethon. Presented a $1,000 check from Community Assistance Fund.
1997 Celebrated the Jumble Shop's 50th Anniversary.
Received an award as one of the Race For The Cure sponsors.
Developed a new design for the public relations brochure.
Approved the American Girl Fashion Show as a fund-raiser for 1998-99.
Received a $10,000 matching grant from the Parker Foundation for the Omaha Public Library and the League's Read With Me Project.
Developed a 30-second Junior League of Omaha public service announcement with the assistance of KMTV3.
Hosted the 1998 Boardsmanship Insatiate in collaboration with the Nebraska Beta Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians.
Approved a $1,000 Community Assistance Fund Grant to Camp Fire Boys and Girls Latchkey After School Program.
Approved the revised Leadership Development Course for 1998-99 and selected 13 members to participate.
Approved five $500 volunteer scholarships for high school seniors.
Approved the following projects: Western Heritage Museum of Omaha History/Activity Book 1998-99 - $4,500 and 14 placements, Child Saving Institute Mamma & Me Program 1998-99 - $3,750 and 12 placements, Child Saving Institute Mamma & Me Program 1999-2000 - $3,750 and 12 placements, Race for the Cure 1998-99 - $350 and 7 placements, Race for the Cure 1999-2000 - $350 and 7 placements and Race for the Cure 2000-2001 - $350 and 7 placements.
Approved a contribution to the Junior League of Omaha Foundation in the amount of 75% of excess funds as of May 25, 1998, in honor of the Junior League of Omaha's 80th Anniversary.
1998 In honor of the 80th Anniversary of the Junior League of Omaha, approved eight $1,000 community assistance grants to: Camp Fire Boys & Girls, Habitat for Humanity, Historical Society of Douglas County, Omaha Symphony Concerts for Youth, Omaha VA Medical Center, Presbyterian Outreach Inc., Radio Talking Book and Salvation Army Stepping Stones.
In honor of the 80th Anniversary of the Junior League of Omaha, approved one $8,000 grant to past League project Omaha Theater for Young People. The Theater, originally Emmy Gifford Theatre, was founded by a former member and the grant was a joint effort with the Junior League of Omaha Foundation who contributed $1,000 towards this grant.
Hosted 80th Anniversary Kickoff Luncheon and Book Signing featuring Omaha native, Letitia Baldrige at Happy Hollow Country Club. Her mother, Regina Connell Baldrige was League President in 1935-36. The event raised more than $10,000.
Approved a 3-year lease extension of the Jumble Shop at 3038 North 90 Street and a 3-year lease extension of Headquarters at 610 North 108 Street.
Held a joint general meeting with Junior League of Lincoln, Nebraska, at Mahoney State Park. Special guest speaker, AJLI President Clotilde Perez-Bode Dedecker addressed both memberships.
Approved a contribution to the Junior League of Omaha Foundation in the amount of 75% of excess funds of May 31, 1999, audited results.
Approved and awarded four $1,000 volunteer scholarships to graduating Omaha high school seniors.
Hosted a community training on Collaboration to area nonprofit agencies.
Approved the following project: Seasonal Calendar as a new project with a budget of $1,500 and 6 Placements.
Approved the American Girl Fashion Show as a fund-raiser for 1999-2000.
Received $5,000 grant from John Becker Fund (Omaha Community Foundation) for Omaha Public Library's Read with Me project.
Collected more than 5,000 donated toys during the annual Jumble Shop toy sale.
Collaborated with Hallmark Cards, Inc. to sponsor the Kaleidoscope exhibit for three weeks in Omaha.
1999 Completed these projects: Child Saving Institute Mama & Me Program. Continued these projects: Race for the Cure and Seasonal Calendar. Continued these fundraisers: American Girl, Jumble Shop and Market Days.
Received an award as one of the sponsors for Race for the Cure.
Approved the American Girl Fashion Show as a fund-raiser for 2000-2001.
Received a $5,000 matching grant from the Parker Foundation for the Omaha Public Library and the League's Read with Me project.
Collected 2,000 books for the Millennium 2000 Done-in-a-Day Project Books were given to "Project Headstart."
Approved the following new projects for 2000-2001: Lydia House, Camp Fire Boys and Girls and Eating Disorders.
Approved four $1,000 Volunteer Scholarships for high school seniors.
Approved Community Assistance Grants: $1,000 Children's Respite Care and $1,000 Lupus Foundation.