Junior League of Omaha Foundation

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The Junior League of Omaha Foundation was organized and is operated exclusively for the benefit of supporting the mission of the Junior League of Omaha. The general purpose and ongoing goal of the Foundation is to accumulate enough properly-invested funding such that the income generated from the investments will provide a perpetual source of operating funds to support the League. 

Board of Directors 2016-2017

President Gail Graeve
President-Elect Mary Lynn Reiser
Secretary Cathi Arnold
Treasurer Terri Eischeid


          Class II Directors (Sustainers)     Class I Directors (Active Members)
Mary Dobleman              Christine Nikunen         dd President: Chaley Chandler
Kate Grabill Kitty O'Neil dd President-Elect: Megan Riebe
Judy Haecker Jennifer Pansing President-Elect-Elect: Lindsey Buchanan
Sandy Lundholm      Susie Wagner Financial Vice President: Heather Vanourney
Kathy Martin Finance Manager: Leigh Garvin
Member-at-Large: Britt Dudzinski
Member-at-Large: Kate Johnson



What does the Foundation do?

Currently, the Junior League of Omaha is restricted in the way it may hold funds. The League’s bylaws take a conservative approach to holding funds so as not to adversely affect the League's 501(c) 3 status and, as such, the League only holds funds in the form of cash or certificates of deposit. While these are "safe" they provide the least benefit in terms of return on investment. The Foundation, however, as a supporting organization, has an investment policy that allows money to be invested in vehicles with the possibility of far greater return. Because of this distinction, it is financially prudent to place League funds in excess of operating needs in the hands of the Foundation. The money received by the Foundation from the Junior League can be invested, along with all other contributions, to produce the best possible earnings.

In addition to giving the Junior League of Omaha the opportunity to earn a greater return on its money, the Foundation is an important source of protection of League funds. Because the Junior League of Omaha and the Junior League of Omaha Foundation are separate corporations, the liabilities of the League do not pass to the Foundation and vice versa. If the League were the target of a lawsuit or be subject to a loss of money from any type of catastrophic situation, funds held by the Foundation for the benefit of the League, in most cases, could not be accessed.

Finally, the Foundation exists to support the Junior League of Omaha in years when unrecoverable operating losses occur in the League's budget. While this has not been necessary since the Foundation's inception, it is a reassuring safety net upon which the League can depend.