A Book of My Own Continues To Impact Omaha Community

The A Book of My Own Committee (ABOMO) has been busy this League year collecting and distributing books.  As of February 2018, ABOMO had collected 4,415 books from donations, purchased 5,439 books from money received from the Runza event and the JLO budget, completed 25 book distributions and distributed more than 14,200 books.  

The contributions of ABOMO continue to impact families positively, as observed by ABOMO communications project manager Meghan Felton, who shared this heart warming story: “During the Salvation Army Toy Land distribution, I overheard two moms discussing how wonderful it was that their children would be receiving new books for Christmas, as bedtime stories is one of their favorite parts of their day,” she said.  “This was a true reminder of the impact that A Book of My Own has on our community”.

ABOMO sorting coordinator, Anne Bowen, shared how volunteering with ABOMO has positively impacted her own life.  “Being on the A Book of My Own Committee has been a wonderful experience. Participating in the distributions and community visits has allowed us all to better understand the individuals and organizations that we’re serving through this mission, and it has been very rewarding,” she said.