JLO Foundation News and Updates

It seems like we had a very long winter. Luckily, the Foundation board meetings have been brightened during that time by good news, good friends and good food.

First, the good news. We have completed a very successful annual appeal for donations to the JLO Foundation. The November mailing went to all Sustaining Members resulting in donations of $16,806.99. We’re so lucky to have such generous support from our Sustainers each year.

Did you know that the Omaha League is one of just a handful of leagues that have a foundation to provide security and support to the active league? Luckily, the Omaha League had the forethought 20 years ago to start our Foundation and its sound, conservative investment strategy allows the Foundation to give a yearly financial gift to the League to support its mission. It’s never too late to donate if your donation has slipped through the cracks this year. Just send a check to the JLO office marked for the Foundation.

More good news, The Foundation Board’s Nominating Committee led by Gail Graeve has presented its slate of JLO Foundation officers for the coming year. Kathy Martin will move up to become Board president next year. In addition, Cathi Arnold will be the new president-elect and rounding out the executive committee will be Mary Dobleman as treasurer and Sandy Lundholm as secretary. A wonderful slate of officers to lead the Foundation next year!

Secondly, the Foundation celebrated our many good friends at the annual donor thank you coffee event for everyone who donated to the Foundation this year. Many thanks for Mary Dobleman for opening her home on April 17 and Kathy Martin and her committee for planning a lovely way to express our gratitude to everyone who supported the Foundation.

More good friend news happened May 9 at the Foundation Board annual meeting at Happy Hollow. At this meeting we will welcomed three new board members to the board: Kim Banat, Jacque Christianson and Kathy Fitzgerald-Grandsaert. We also said thanks and good-bye to our retiring board members: Gail Graeve, Jennifer Pansing and Susie Wagner. These three ladies have served for six years and have provided great support and wisdom to our board and we will miss them.

Finally, I mentioned the good food we have enjoyed this year. We are so lucky that our board member Kitty O’Neil has volunteered to cater our monthly meetings. Each month she has served us delicious lunches and we have all loved getting her great recipes with our monthly minutes. Thanks, Kitty!

It been a great pleasure to serve as Foundation president this past year with both Sustainers and Actives on our Board. Never fear, our League is in great hands.

-Mary Lynn Reiser, JLO Foundation President 2017-18