2017 New Members: #NewJLOsOnTheBlock

New Member Committee Chair Kathryn Anderson gave us the deets on the 99th New Member class.

We are excited to have another large class with 88 New Members! Our first social was held on June 28 at Julio’s restaurant. We had a nacho bar and margaritas were available at half price. We had a great turnout and it was a lot of fun. So many great photos from the event!

Our second social was at Security National Bank on July 24. It was an “ice cream social” and we had personalized ice cream cups from eCreamery. You MUST check out the adorable pictures of the ice cream cups!

Every New Member meeting has a training topic as well as a food/social theme. As in previous years, New Members are split into core groups and are working on a core group volunteer project. They are asked to organize and complete a volunteer project of their choosing and then present it at our final New Member meeting/celebration in April.

Our first meeting in August was at Project Harmony. The topic was “Welcome to the Junior League” and we had all three Ps there to share their experiences and advice for the League. Every New Member got a folder with training materials, a red JLO tote bag, a plastic JLO cup, a magnetic JLO name tag and a JLO decorated cookie by our very own New Member Brianna Parriott. We had wine and cheese as snacks.

Our second meeting in September was at The Red Cross. The topic was “Fundraising Council”. We had someone from all the fundraisers there to speak about their events. We also had Sustainer Courtney Dunbar speak and she was very motivating and inspiring. We also learned about The Red Cross – which was very interesting to hear about its efforts to help in the devastating aftermath of the numerous hurricanes. We enjoyed a pasta dinner and salad to go along with our “Italian Night” theme.

Our third meeting in October was at The Rose Theater. New Members could show up before the meeting and take tours of the theater which the majority did. Julie Walker from The Rose spoke about all the programs The Rose has to offer at the beginning of the meeting. The topic for the meeting was “Community Impact Council”. We had someone speak from each project. No food or drink was allowed for the meeting but we had “grab and go” snacks and water for people as they left.

Our next meeting in November is going to be at SNB with a topic of Membership. Our theme for the night is beer and pizza. UPDATE

We had a hash-tag contest for a hash-tag the New Member class can use on social media posts. The winner was Joey Soares and the hash tag is #NewJLOsOnTheBlock.

We had a New Member brunch on October 8 at Stokes.

We are having a wine and door hanger painting event on December 19 at XXXXX.