Board of Directors


The Junior League of Omaha Board of Directors evaluates policies, maintains general control of funds and properties and is the final authority for admission to and removal from membership. The Board oversees long-range planning, interprets the bylaws and manages personnel issues of the organization. Board meetings are held the first Monday of each month and are open to all members unless the president closes the meeting.

President | Megan Riebe

President-Elect | Lindsey Buchanan

President-Elect-Elect | Kerri Palmesano

Bylaws Chair | Sarah Macdissi

Corresponding Secretary | Amy Benedict

Executive Vice President | Katie Triplett

Financial Vice President | Rebecca Bode

Member-at-Large | Kati Davis

Member-at-Large | Laura Essay

Nominating Committee Chair | Nicole Caputo-Rennels

Recording Secretary | Alyson Manning