2018 - 2019 Junior League of Omaha Foundation

2018 – 2019 Junior League of Omaha Foundation and Executive Board

The Junior League of Omaha Foundation was organized and is operated exclusively for the benefit of supporting the mission of the Junior League of Omaha. The general purpose and ongoing goal of the Foundation is to accumulate enough properly-invested funding such that the income generated from the investments will provide a perpetual source of operating funds to support the League.

Board of Directors 2018-2019

President Kathy Martin
President-Elect Cathi Arnold
Secretary Sandy Lundholm
Mary Dobleman
Mary Lynn Reiser



          Class II Directors (Sustainers)     Class I Directors (Active Members)
Danielle Bunz  Sandy Lundholm President:  Lindsey Tonniges
 Kate Grabill  Christine Nikunen President-Elect: Kerri Palmesano
 Kim Banet  Kitty O’Neil President-Elect-Elect: Katie Triplett
 Anne Lieben  Kathy Grandseart Financial Vice President: Liz Akert
Judy Haecker  Jacque Christiansen Finance Manager: Colby Jensen
Terri Eischeid Member-at-Large: Kathryn Anderson
Member-at-Large: Jessica Sock


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